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'Elevator Vip' - global professional elevator & escalator parts supplier, over 20 years of experience in elevator industry. We help you build elevator & escalator parts procurement for your lift maintenance and manufacturing business by creating a professional one step service which best suits your needs and target audience. Elevator Vip supplies many different spare parts to support for many of the world's elevator brands. Learn More

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Otis elevator air conditioner supplier, manufacturer & factory

Elevator Spare Parts Air Conditioner (AC) with Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Dehumidify

Part No.: XAA25580E1, XAA25580E2, XAA25580E3, XAA25580E4, XAA25580E7, XAA25580E8 Design No.: EEV25580E1, EEV25580E2, EEV25580E3, EEV25580E4, EEV25580E7, EEV25580E8 Part Name: Elevator Air Conditioner (Elevator AC) Optional Models: Only cooling function Cooling and heating double function Ventilation Dehumidify Standard Configuration: Remote Control Cool Air Out Cover Return Air Cap Heat Insulation Soft Duct Duct Tie Heat Insulation Sponge […]

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