Some Announcements You Should Know During Taking the Escalator

Many escalators used in the metro station: passengers can take the escalator to the platform to wait for the train when they get their tickets. Before the subway escalator operation, it was inspected by the security department. After operation, there are professional departments to carry out maintenance and repair.

To ensure safety, in cities as Nanjing in China, subway escalators speed from the original zero. 65 meters per second minus 0. 5 meters per second. The starting point is to reduce the discomfort of a few passengers and avoid the occurrence of falls.

When take the escalator, passengers should first see the direction of operation, and stand firmly in the yellow safety line on the same stair.

Stand on the right side of the escalator and take care of the children and the elderly. Watch your luggage carefully. Avoid getting close to the edge of the stairs so that your feet and clothes are stuck in the cracks, especially if you wear a long skirt.

Please note the following items:

  1. Do not play or run on the escalator at the same level or on the escalator.
  2. Do not push strollers or trolleys on escalators. Do not use escalators when carrying large luggage.
  3. In case of accident, press the emergency stop button of the escalator. If necessary, do not abuse the emergency stop button so that other passengers may fall and hurt.
  4. Do not use the escalator when the escalator fails or is being repaired.

World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 in Shanghai


World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 in Shanghai

World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 in Shanghai held on May 8th-11th, 2018 at Shanghai national convention and exhibition center. Our company ELEVATORVIP.COM has been invited to take part in it, we show elevator & escalator parts in this exhibition, which involves various of types mechanical & electronic parts used for both elevator & escalator equipment. Meanwhile, We have communicated with customers in this exhibition to learn more about the latest market of elevator accessories, consolidating the existing customer relations of cooperation and further unearthed a large number of potential customers, Laying a solid foundation for the development of the market.


The time and place of the next two international elevator exhibitions are as follows:

2019 International Exhibition of Fine Elevator Products

Date: May 8th-11th, 2019

Add: Langfang, China.

2020 World Elevator & Escalator Expo

Date: May 6th-9th, 2020

Add: Shanghai, China.


Our company -ELEVATORVIP.COM is willing to meet with customers and industry colleagues at that time.  Welcome to all of you!

Dimensions Parameter for Elevator Installation Preparation and Installation

The elevator styles and sizes are different in department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings and residential areas, so  the installers operation whether are also different when they were in preparation and construction?
Dimensions Parameter for Elevator Installation Preparation and Installation

The install and construction dimensions requirement as following :

  1. Preparation: survey site personnel tool

  2. Installation of mechanical parts.

    I. Guide rail mounting

    1)The position of the bracket is determined:

    a) the highest minimum is 0.5 meters, and the center is 2.5 meters.
    b) on the building beam, the error is less than 300mm.

    2) size requirement: the horizontal error is less than 5mm(horizontal). Longitudinal)

    3) guide size:

    a) the vertical error is less than 1mm in length and three times in three consecutive paragraphs.
    b) relative error of the car side +2~~0mm to the heavy side +3~~0mm.
    c) steps and gaps: steps (less than 0.05mm) gap (less than 0.5mm)
    d) diagonal error: less than or equal to 3mm.
    The center error is less than 1mm and less than 2mm.

    II. Traction machine installation

    1)The base height of the traction machine is determined: 1/2 guide wheel diameter + guide wheel is more than 150mm.

    2) steel girder installation:

    a)2/1000 horizontal error.
    b) the parallel error is less than 6mm.
    c) the welding thickness is greater than 6mm.
    d) the floor thickness is greater than 12mm.

    3) hoisting machine installation:

    a) hoisting: strictly follow the requirement of super.
    b) size requirement: the vertical error of the tractor is less than 2mm(with shock absorb, Less than 1mm(no shock absorb)
    c) brake: the clearance is less than 0.7mm and the fitting surface: more than 80%.

  3. Re-installation:
    weight determination of heavy weight +(0.4~~0.5) weight, the weight must be reliable and fixed.
  4. Drag wire rope:

    1) length determination: the measured method is adopted.

    2) rope head requirements:
    a) intercept length is greater than 100mm.
    b) casting alloy meets the requirements.

    3) it is necessary to adjust the screw taper sleeve length less than 70mm.

  5. cage installation:

    1) size: less than 1/1000 before and after 1/1000.
    2) gap between guide shoe and guide rail: left and right is less than 2mm.
    3) safety clamp clearance adjustment 2~~3mm.
    4) the floor level of the car is 1/1000(horizontal, vertical)
    5) ground water level is 1/1000.
    6) the wall perpendicularity is 1/1000(install spring board, control panel)
    7) door and decorative plate gap passenger ladder: less than 6mm freight elevator: less than 8mm.
    8) the safety touch panel must produce a center deviation of 10mm.
    9) the gap between the eccentric wheel of the suspension door and the door guide rail is less than 0.5mm.
    10) the door of the door is removed from the surface of the ground to the surface :<6mm freight elevator :< 8mm.
    11) gate center deviation: less than 5mm.

  6. floor door installation:

    1) door fan lower end passenger ladder: less than 6mm freight elevator: less than 8mm.
    2) door fan and door set ladder: less than 6mm freight elevator: less than 8mm.
    3) the horizontal error is 1/1000.
    4) the gap between the hall door and the door is 25~~30mm. The relative error is less than positive and negative 1mm.
    5) the door lock meshing depth is greater than 7mm.
    6) the gap between the door ball and the cage is 5~~10mm, 5~~10mm gap between door knife and hall door.

  7. sill installation

    1)the vertical error of the buffer is 0.5/1000.
    2) the relative height is less than 2mm.
    3) the relative center is less than 20mm.
    4) the buffer switch must be effective.

  8. speed limiter:

    1) vertical error of the speed limit wheel of machine room: less than 0.5mm.
    2) side error of speed limit rope and guide rail: less than 20mm.
    3) the pit tightening device must meet the requirements.

  9. electrical installation

    1) control screen size requirements: 0.5 m (left and right)X 0.6 m (rear)X 0.8 m (front)
    2) cable in the machine room must be connected to the slot and reliable grounding.
    3) the cable should not be twisted at least 100mm.
    4) the well grooves must be reliably grounded.
    5) the well road lighting is 0.5m (up and down) 7 meters (the distance between the lamp and the lamp)
    6) all kinds of emergency stop must be valid.

  10. various experiments:

    1) slow single layer
    2) slow multi-layer
    3) quick single layer
    4) rapid multi-layer
    5) equilibrium coefficient
    6) stop experiment.
    7) lift experiment
    8) static load test elevator at the lowest level, 150% load, lasting 10 minutes.

Technical conditions for main parts scrapping of elevators

  1. Three core components , the host, door machine, control drive system (that is, the panel in the control cabinet and converter) steel wire rope, long service life and can reduce maintenance costs, speed limiter, buffers, safety gear, the three is the most key components in the elevator safety, more than four pieces can consider to import
  2. Four Spaces: part of the machine room, well road and pit, car part, floor part.
    Eight systems: traction system, guide system, cage, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system.
  3. Eight application technologies:

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