Application Scenarios of KONE Elevator Group Control System (KGC)

The KGC (KONE Group Control) is a group control system of KONE elevator. The main equipment of the KGC is an industry-standard computer equipped with a special KONE board, which is capable of performing basic and advanced group control scheduling functions for groups of elevators (up to 8 elevators).

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The functions are shown as follows:
1) Assign outgoing calls
2) Control DIN and DOP of DCS
3) Communicate with elevators in group control
4) Communicate with Elink
For reliability reasons, dual KGC systems can be configured, the one is acted as the Master and the other as the backup (Slave).

KGC should be equipped in the following cases:
1) When the number of elevators in a group exceeds six.
2) When the number of group elevators exceeds 4 and the floor exceeds 36 floors.
3) Groups more than 50 floors.
4) Use CPS A (centralized passenger service), CNV S (conference service), SGO (group control group) and other functions or use DCS control (DCS is the destination floor control system). Depending on the application, the KGC can be configured with up to three PC-CAN boards:
A. One PC-CAN board (XIA) for Group control (not DCS)
B. Two PC-CAN boards (XIA, and XIB) are used for DCS group control
C. The X2 is used to connect to the old monitor Elink4.

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