How to Set Master-slave Elevator (Parallel Elevator) for Monarch System?

If you want to set two elevators are working together, which is meaning of master-slave elevator. Please follow the steps as below:

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Step-1: Tow Monarch Control Boards (master elevator and salve elevator) should be connected together by DB9 cable (please use the 232 interface on the board to connect, which is circled by red line on the photo).

Step-2: Check two Monarch control boards are connected in parallel by 232 monitoring interfaces. Set the parameters of board in the master board and slave board as below:
Master board: F6-07=’2’, F6-08=’1’, and set value of F6-09 bit2 to ‘1’
Slave board: F6-07=’2’, F6-08=’2’, F6-09=’4’

Noted: Do not forget to set parallel address jumper to ‘off’, which is on the car roof (MCTC-CTB-A) board of slave elevator

How is the Monarch MCTC-MCB-K1 Board Replaced by MCTC-MCB-C3-NIP?

As we all know the MCTC-MCB-K1 board is based on Monarch NICE3000 system. It was very popular all over the world by customer for many years. But due to product iteration, the MCTC-MCB-K1 board was stopped for many years. Now, it is NICE3000+ system, but if the MCTC-MCB-K1 board was broken, the users will face serious challenges.

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We have a regular customer who is from Dubai, who is also facing the same problem, the MCTC-MCB-K1 board was broken, and the elevator was stopped at the jobsite. He asked ElevatorVip whether there has a solution. Sure, we will use MCTC-MCB-C3 board with MCTC-PG-A2 card to replace MCTC-MCB-K1 board.

Malaysia Nippon Elevator Board, MCTC-MCB-K1, MCTC-MCB-C3, MCTC-MCB-C3-NIP, MCTC-PG-A2 Card, Monarch NICE3000+ Board


If you are facing the same problem, please just contact ElevatorVip.

How to copy all of parameters from an old Monarch NICE3000 controller of Elevator to new one?

If you have multiple elevators with the same parameters setting of Monarch NICE3000 controller (MCTC-MCB-B), and you have finished the work of parameters setting for one of them. In order to save the tedious duplication of work, and don’t want to set parameters for next elevator go wrong. Okay, please let ElevatorVip teaches you how to copy parameters from an existing elevator to new one.

First step, connecting Monarch NICE3000 Controller and computer with programming cable.
Second step, launching the Monarch NEMS V2.4 Software
For detailed steps, please review the video tutorial as below:


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Monarch Elevator USB Programming Cable