Elevator Repair Services

Elevator Vip offers comprehensive technical support for the elevator & escalator repair industry. We do not just supply replacement printed circuit boards for elevator & escalator repair, and also frequency inverters. Available repair elevator & escalator spare parts as below:

PCB Boards: HVIB, GDCB, GECB, GECB_AP, DCPB, RCB2, LMCSS, DISS, XU2, XU1, XU5, UD3, UD2, UD1, RB1, MB, VA, VB, LCB2, RS53, RS32, RSEB, RS5, ACB2, AMCB2, LMCB, ALMCB, HAMCB, DO2000, DCSS5-E, DO3000, EASY-CON, AEASY-CON, PM, AT120, LED/LCD Display, TL-EXP-DBSS-V3.1, AVY2075 SIEI Driver, SPBC, RV33-4, TL-EXP-E V5.0, etc.

Frequency Inverters: OVF30 (70A, 90A, 120A, 210A), OVFRIA, OVFR2B, OVFR03B, LRU-402, LRU-403, LRU-404, SIEI, Fuji, CON8003, CON8005, etc.