How to use the elevator safely (Elevator Safety Knowledge)?

How to use the elevator safely (Elevator Safety Knowledge)

How to use the elevator safely (Elevator Safety Knowledge)

ONE- civilized waiting for the elevator

  1. Correctly press the up or down buttons at the door, not both at the same time. If you press the up or down button at the same time, it will make the elevator useless and waste the waiting time and electricity. When the elevator arrives, if there are multiple parallel elevators, the arrival lights of any one of them shine and the arrival bell rings, inviting you to wait at the entrance.
  2. After the elevator closes, passengers first go down and then go up. If any passengers come out of the car, you should stand on both sides to facilitate their evacuation and then enter the car.
  3. If the car is full, please wait patiently for the next elevator to arrive.
  4. When the elevator closes, don’t push your hands or other objects between the two doors
  5. In case of fire or other circumstances, people in the building shall evacuate through the stairway. Do not take the elevator, in case the power of the elevator is damaged, taking the elevator will be trapped in the car.


TWO- Correct access to the elevator car

  1. Get in and out of the car quickly and safely, do not stay at the door. Passengers standing at the door should leave the car first.
  2. Press the destination floor button correctly to ensure you can reach the aim floor.
  3. If the number of passengers in the car is moderate, you can move deep into the car to facilitate other passengers.
  4. Passengers with children need to take good care of children, and passengers with pets should prevent pets from moving alone.
  5. Keep a distance from the elevator door. When open and close door, special attention should be paid to prevent clothing or personal belongings from being crowded by the elevator door.
  6. If you need the elevator door to keep open, you should hold down the open button. If you need to carry your belongings, you can ask other passengers to hold down the open button


THREE- Take the elevator correctly

  1. Pay attention to check the elevator on the presence of << safety inspection >> label, and whether in the period of validity, don’t blind to take elevator such as do not conform to the requirements of the elevator equipment, to reflect the local Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department.
  2. Stand as close as possible to the wall of the car and put your hands on the car arms if elevator with it.
  3. Most elevator injuries occur at the door or in the hoistway. When the elevator fails, stay away from these two positions can keep you safe.
  4. The elevator door (the floor of the car door) is a very dangerous place and cannot stay for long
  5. Try to get in and out as quickly as possible, and don’t linger between the door and the door. Don’t lean against the elevator door or floor door while waiting and riding
  6. Gently press the call button or choose the operation box car floor layer button, indicator, quietly waiting for the elevator, don’t jump in the car, or with hard, sharp tap button or press the button again and again, and may not hinder the movement of the door by hand or by body
  7. Attention should be paid to the handling of articles. For transparent objects such as glass, when entering or leaving the car wearing thin long skirts, high heels and carrying umbrellas, careful attention should be paid to the accident caused by clamping.
  8. Do not carry inflammable, explosive or corrosive dangerous goods in the elevator.
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