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Elevator Vip - The World's leading one stop supplier for all elevator & escalator spare (replacement) parts over 20 years of experience in elevator industry. We help you build elevator & escalator parts procurement for your lift maintenance and manufacturing business by creating a professional one step service which best suits your needs and target audience. Elevator Vip supplies many different spare parts to support for many of the world's elevator brands, included to MITSUBISHI, OTIS, KONE, HITACHI, SCHINDLER, THYSSENKRUPP, FUJITEC, TOSHIBA, CANNY ELEVATOR, etc. Especially, provides a wide range of high-quality services for OTIS elevator & escalator parts business... Learn More

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  • Elevator 161 Mitsubishi Landing Door Lock, Elevator Landing Door Lock for Header Track, Elevator Right Landing Door Lock, OTIS Lift Landing Door Lock, Elevator Landing Door Lock, Elevator Landing Door Lock Supplier, Elevator Landing Door Lock Manufacturer, Elevator Landing Door Lock Factory, Elevator Landing Door Lock Exporter, Wholesale Elevator Landing Door Lock, Cheap Elevator Landing Door Lock from China, XAA431R1-RightWhat is the working principle of elevator door lock?
    Elevator lock, it is car door, layer door lock device (refer to commonly layer door). Under normal circumstances, the door cannot be opened without a locking device, protecting the person from being …
  • Elevator Automatic Emergency Evacuation Device (ARED)Elevator Automatic Emergency Evacuation Device (ARED)
    Accidents are inevitable in the daily use of elevators. As an effective means to ensure the safety of passengers when the elevator fails, Automatic emergency evacuation device should be added. It is …
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    Elevator door operator, which is a responsible for the elevator hall car door opening and closing institution, when the elevator opened, closed signal, the elevator door operator through the built-in …
  • What is the principle that escalators only start when people taken?What is the principle that escalators only start when people taken?
    Due to the lack of energy and power resources, the operation of escalators under no-load condition has become a huge waste. Therefore, we envisage that if the escalator can be automatically detected …