Elevator door system and overhaul methods

  1. Elevator door system and its functions

(1) The composition of elevator door system includes car door (elevator car door), floor door (hall door), door and door and other ancillary parts.

(2) Both the floor door and the car door are important safety protection facilities for the elevator

(3) Floor door. Floor door is the part that passengers first see or touch when using the elevator. According to incomplete statistics, about 70% of personal injuries and deaths occurred due to floor door quality and improper use. Therefore, the opening, closing and locking of floor door is the primary condition to ensure the safety of elevator users.

(4) The car door, floor door and its interrelation door are set at the entrance of the elevator car

So car door is called active door, layer door is called passive door.

Only when the car door and floor door are fully closed, the elevator can run.

In order to transfer the movement of the car door to the floor door, the car door is provided with a tying device (such as the door knife). The door knife can drive the floor door movement through the cooperation with the door lock.

To prevent the elevator from trapping people when closing the door, the door safety device will be installed on the car door (clip protection device).

What kind of material is suitable for what kind of tool?

Common breakdown of elevator door system:

  1. Elevator can neither close nor open.
  2. After reaching the flat floor, the elevator door will not open
  3. Press the button to close the door
  4. The elevator has received layer selection signal, and the door is closed, but it cannot be started
  5. If the door is not closed, the elevator can start by selecting floor
  6. The elevator stopped suddenly on the way
  7. Open the door without changing speed
  8. Close the door without changing speed
  9. Open and close doors slowly
  10. Doors vibrate when opened and closed


The elevator overhaul door is used to access to hoistway for maintenance and open a door in the convenient place. The height of door should not be less than 1.40m and width should not be less than 0.60m.


Overhaul and elimination methods: the door valve pulley wear serious, replace the door pulley; Deformation or loose deviation of the guide rail of the front door, correct the guide rail, adjust and tighten the guide rail; Heavy dust accumulation or debris in the chute of the floor bar, obstructing the sliding of the door, should clean the chute; Two roller and door knife are not close, clearance is large, adjust the door lock.

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