How to debug ThyssenKrupp escalator PCB ECT-01-A V3.0 when getting some faults?

The ThyssenKrupp escalator PCB board (Model: ECT-01-A) is a extend motherboard for ThyssenKrupp escalator. But every spare part will meet a fault in running for a long period of time, especially the PCB board, today we are talking about how to debug the fault of ThyssenKrupp ECT-01-A board. First you should have an ThyssenKrupp escalator service tool (testing tool) likes below picture, it should be connected with ECT-01-A with electricity on. The faults will be displayed on the screen of service tool, then compare the fault code with operating manual, you’ll know exactly what the problem is, right?


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ThyssenKrupp Escalator Diagnostic Board (ECT-01-A V3.0)

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ThyssenKrupp Escalator Service Tool


ThyssenKrupp Escalator / Moving Walk Control System ECT-01 V3.0 User Manual, Function and Faulty Codes (ECT-01-A PCB and ECT-01-D Service Tool)

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