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OTIS Elevator Fault Code: LCB-2, TCBC and GECB Board Faults

0100Opmode OCSS can not operate due to driver failure (driver failure BR NR)
0101EPOshutd The car can not operate in emergency power mode.
0102OpMmode DTC The door cannot be closed within a set time (without DCL, DFC or DW signals).
0103-DTO The door can not be fully opened within the set time (no DOL signal).
0104-DCP The car can not respond to the command signal in the car within a set time (e.g. the door is forced to open).
0105DBSS fault Driver failure
0200pos.Count When the system is running, the gate area and IP counts do not match. It may also be too short for the system to detect the gate area signal.
0201correct Correction operation
0202/DFC in EFR The ES signal is activated when the elevator is running fast.
0203/DFC in ESR The ES signal is activated when the elevator is running at low speed
0204TCI/ERO on The switch has been activated
0205 The elevator cannot be started due to the loss of SE signal (check the door bypass), and check whether the photoelectric of flat layer works normally: check whether SW6, SW7 and SW8 switches of the flat layer circuit of GECB board are all set in the position of ON; Check whether the photoelectric distance of 1LV and 2LV flat layer is within 30mm.
0207DDP in FR During the rapid operation of the elevator, there is no detection signal to the shaft (lost DZ signal) within the set time (DDP).
0208 DDP in SR Elevator at low speed running in the set time (3P) no radiance to the well signal.
0209 DDP in RS During the rescue operation of the elevator, no signals were detected to the well side within the set time (3P).
0210/DZ in NST DZ signal is not detected when the elevator stops (DY-TYP is set to 0, which may cause this fault)
0211//DFC in FR The safety loop is disconnected during rapid operation of the elevator
0212 /DFC in SR The elevator’s safety loop is disconnected at low speeds
0218 The frequency converter is out of order Shutdown
0219 This fault usually occurs when ADO/RLV function is enabled and TLD-DW-D(M1-3-1-5) is set to be greater than 0, usually set to 10. This failure will not occur when ADO/RLV is turned off.
02241-Relay—LCB-2 It’s the missing phase. The TCBC or GECB board for inverter does not end up running
0225 11OVAC dead F 110VAC The interrupt lasts 5 seconds
0226 LS-fault 1LS.2LS signal is abnormal.
02281LS.+2LS on 1LS.2LS signals operate simultaneously.
0230RSL ADR CHK Some special remote station addresses are not correct
0231 LSVF_:DR Drive failure
0232 LSVF_:SC The speed of the elevator is too high during deceleration. ADO or RLV cannot be completed to open ahead of time.
0300DBP:dfc_SE When the door is open or the door has been fully opened, DFC or SE(ADO) do not move; When the door is opening or fully open, the door bypass is interrupted.
0301 not dcl—–d When the door is fully open, the DCL signal does not move.
0302DCS:DW err In DCS operation mode, when the door is open, the DW signal is valid or the car door is completely closed, the DW signal is invalid.
0304 Dol.alw.on F When the door is completely closed, the DOL signal is activated.
0306 HwyAccess F The door lock loop is closed, but the hall door loop is still disconnected.
0400 RSL parity Two remote stations are connected to the same serial line using the same address.
0401 RSL sync Synchronization signal lost on remote serial line.
0500 RNG 1 msg Data error on two or three elevator serial lines.
0501 RNG 1 time In a certain time did not receive from the other elevator group control signal, group control failure.
0502 RNG 1 sio Serial data format fault.
0503 RNG 1 tx Serial data transfer timeout.

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