Types and Technical Parameters of Flat Polyurethane-Coated Steel Belts for Otis GEN2 Elevator

The OTIS Gen2 Elevator Coated-Steel Flat Belt is consisting of steel cables and high wear resistant polyurethane. It serves as a suspension device of elevator cabins in passenger and freight elevators. For OTIS elevator traction steel belt wheel, there are many types of Coated-Steel Flat Belt for choose, ElevatorVip lists all of them as below:

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Types and Technical Parameters:
Specification / Part number Width/mm Thickness/mm No. of wire core Pull Appearance
AAA717X1 30 3 12 32KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces
AAA717W1 30 3 12 32KN ‘V’ lines on single surface
AAA717AM2 30 3.2 10 43KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces
AAA717AP2 30 3.2 10 43KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces
AAA717AJ2 30 3.2 10 43KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces
AAA717AD1 60 3 24 64KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces
AAA717R1 60 3 24 64KN ‘W’ lines on single surface
AAA717AJ1 25 3.2 8 32KN Smooth surfaced on two surfaces

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