How to select SH series of Fuji industrial relays for elevator or escalator?

Relay is divided into AC Relay (voltage AC) and DC Relay (voltage DC), which is used in Electric power industry, due to relay device can be used to cut off main circuit quickly, therefore, it is often used for motor control.

For elevator industry, people usually use the relay to control circuit of elevator on and off, so it is a very important elevator parts. Nowadays, the world’s top 10 famous relay brands are: schneider, ABB, SIEMENS, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Fuji Electric, Sprecher+Schuh, OMRON, TE Connectivity, EATON. But today we are just discussing Fuji Electric Relay used in the elevator industry.

Bifurcated contacts with excellent electrical conductivity/Fuji SH-4 Relay, SH-5 Relay

Description of SH Series Relays:

SH series industrial relays are designed to increase contact reliability and make them easy to use.
The relays’ highly reliable, bifurcated contacts allow them to be used in low-level circuits of 5V, 3mA.
Various optional function units such as auxiliary contact blocks, coil surge suppression units can be added to the relays, allowing fast and field modification.

Fuji Relay Model Selection (SH Series)

Fuji Relay Model Selection (SH Series)


Types and ratings

Type SH-4 SH-5
Pole (No. of contacts) 4-pole 8-pole 5-pole
Contact arrangement 4NO, 3NO+1NC, 2NO+2NC 8NO, 7NO+1NC, 8NO+2NC
5NO+3NC, 4NO+4NC
5NO, 4NO+1NC, 3NO+2NC
2NO+3NC, 1NO+4NC, 5NC
Thermal current (A) 10 10 10
Rated operational current (A)
Volts AC-15 (ind.) AC-12 (res.) Volts DC-13 (ind.) DC-12 (res.)
110V AC 6 10 24V DC 3 5
220V AC 3 8 48V DC 1.5 3
440V AC 1.5 5 110V DC 0.55 2.5
550V AC 1.2 5 220V DC 0.27 1
Standard operating coil voltage 100V 50Hz/100-110V 60Hz, 200V 5OHz/200-220V 60Hz, 380V-400V 50Hz/400-440V 60Hz
Mechanical durability
Electrical durability (AC-15)
10 million operations
500,000 operations (at operational current)
Operating cycles per hour 1,800
Ambient temperature -5 to +50℃


Ordering code system

Ordering code system of Fuji Relay SH Series