Elevator Automatic Emergency Evacuation Device (ARED)

Accidents are inevitable in the daily use of elevators. As an effective means to ensure the safety of passengers when the elevator fails, Automatic emergency evacuation device should be added. It is a tiring elevator emergency rescue equipment, mainly used in the operation process of the elevator, when the ac power all of a sudden power failure or malfunction occurred in electric control system and make the car parked in shaft, automatic conversion, cut off the original electric control system, ac power supply elevator and capsules traction to flat layer position after open the door, so that passenger can in time out of the woods yet.

Main technical parameters

Input voltage: AC380V plus or minus 10%

Drive power: less than or equal to 32.5KW

Direction of operation: move in a certain direction or choose the direction of light load

Running speed: one tenth of the normal speed of the elevator is adjustable

Shape size: 150x230x600(mm) 210x510x530(mm) 300x428x740(mm)

The working principle:

  1. Emergency operation

When the elevator stops running in case of sudden power failure, the DSP control system of the emergency device will immediately detect the status of the elevator and automatically put it into emergency rescue. First of all, K1A absorbs and closes the power supply of the external power grid to the elevator control transformer for electric interlock. Then the safety, door lock and repair circuit of the elevator are tested and power is supplied to the sensor in the gate area, detect the flat layer signal, if normal, start current converter to power the door control system (ac door, dc door, frequency conversion door),  so the MD of the open-door motor gets the required voltage and opens the car door and hall door at the same time; If the car is not flat layer position the relay closed normally open contacts to the brake circuit by the dc converter power supply, open the brake, three-phase inverter circuit output voltage by K2A normally open contacts to power a traction machine, traction capsules to a certain direction. The car runs to a flat floor and stops. The three-phase inverter stops output and closes the lock. After the door and hall door are opened, the contacts of the above contactor and relay of the emergency device are all restored to the state before the emergency operation

  1. Safety lock

If the DSP control system of the emergency device determines that the stop operation of the elevator belongs to the fault of the safety loop or lock loop, the device will not be put into emergency operation according to the requirements of the safety regulations of the elevator operation. Even after emergency device in emergency operation, always in the monitoring of elevator safety circuit and door lock loop signals but any protection, emergency operation will terminate immediately, in order to ensure the safety of the passengers and the elevator equipment and reliable. Likewise, the emergency device is always monitoring the maintenance loop of the elevator control system. When maintenance personnel repair the elevator, as long as the maintenance switch is pressed, the device will automatically lock, not emergency operation

  1. Emergency end

After the end of emergency operation, the device is disconnected from all parts of the elevator control system and is in an isolated standby state, which has no impact on the normal operation of the elevator. When the three-phase ac power supply is restored, the charging circuit of the emergency device will automatically recharge the battery pack.