Some knowledge of automatic sidewalk escalator you should know!

Automatic sidewalk escalator (passenger conveyor) refers to a circular running (plate or belt conveyor) aisle, used to transport passengers level or tilt Angle is not more than 12 ° fixed electric equipment. The structure is similar to the escalator, mainly consisting of moving road and handrail.

Automatic sidewalk escalator angle of 0 ~ 12 °, recommend to 15 ° before, but considering the safety requirements is only allowed to use 12 °.

The length of the automatic sidewalk can be up to 500 meters when it is horizontal or slightly sloping. Generally, the conveying speed is 0.5m/s, and the maximum is 0.75m/s.

What is the principle that escalators only start when people taken?

Automatic sidewalk escalator classification:

According to the structure, it can be divided into the automatic sidewalk with steps (similar to the plate conveyor), the automatic sidewalk with tape (similar to the belt conveyor) and the double-line automatic sidewalk. In order to achieve the purpose of common and economic use with escalator parts, steps and the same handrail structure are often used. The handrails should run synchronously with the movable pavement to keep passengers safe. Automatic sidewalk escalators, running speed, road width and transmission capacity are similar to escalator, maximum Angle is generally not more than 12 °.

  1. Sort by handrail decoration

1) All-transparent type: refers to the automatic sidewalk made of all-transparent glass for the armrest panel, which can be further divided into curved glass type and flat glass type according to the shape of glass for the armrest panel.

2) Opaque: refers to the Automatic sidewalk escalator made of opaque metal or other materials. As the armrest bracket is fixed at the upper part of the shield wall, and the armrest belt makes circular movement on the rails of the armrest bracket, the stability of the opaque type is superior to that of the all-transparent type. It is mainly used in subway, station and dock where people are concentrated.

3) Translucent type: refers to the handrail panel that is translucent, such as the handrail panel that USES translucent glass and other materials.

As far as handrail decoration is concerned, the all-transparent glass panel has certain strength, its thickness should not be less than 6mm, plus the all-transparent glass panel has better decorative effect, so the automatic sidewalk made of the all-transparent glass panel is the overwhelming majority.

  1. Automatic sidewalk is classified according to tread structure

1) Pedal type: an automatic sidewalk where passengers stand on a metal or other material with a slotted surface.

2) Adhesive tape: passenger standing tread is automatic sidewalk with rubber covered continuous steel strip.

The tape sidewalk runs in balance, but is more expensive to manufacture and use, and is suitable for long distance walking at higher speeds. The most common is the pedal – type automatic sidewalk.

Points to note when choosing an automatic sidewalk

  1. Select according to the conditions of use

For subway, station, airport and dock where people are usually concentrated, the automatic sidewalk should be public transport, while for shops and buildings, it should be ordinary. However, due to the small number of automatic sidewalks in shopping malls or general buildings in China, it is suggested to use public transportation type of automatic sidewalks for some shopping malls or buildings with relatively large passenger flow.

  1. There should be product identification

The automatic sidewalk shall indicate the manufacturer’s name, product model number and serial number, at least in a conspicuous position at an exit.

  1. Check the safety height above the steps, pedals or tape