7 Factors May Cause Escalator Failure in 2018

7 Factors May Cause Escalator Failure in 2018
1. Cascade failure
The stairway is a standing place for passengers to take a ladder and a continuous running part. Due to environmental conditions, human factors, such as the object itself causes, cascade failure mainly has the following aspects: tooth broken, pedal stent fracture spindle hole, stent fracture, the main wheel come unglued.
2. Failure of the drag chain.
Drag chain is one of the largest stress escalator parts, due to the long running, accordingly more serious wear and tear, and the main fault include lubrication system fault, drag chain serious wear and tear, drag chain elongation.
3. Failure of the driving device.
The main fault of the driving device includes the abnormal sound of the driving device, the temperature rise of the driving device is too fast and too high. The reasons for failure of the driving device are as follows:Continue reading