Some Guide Shoe of Elevator Equipment Knowledge You Should Know

The elevator guide shoe

Guide shoe is a sliding part between elevator guide rail and car, what we call it guide shoe. It can fix the car on the guide rail and make car running up and down. Oil cup upper the guide shoe that can reduce the friction of the shoe line and guide rail. There are four sets of guide shoes installed in each unit, respectively on both sides of the upper beam and under the safety clamp seat at the bottom of the car; and also four sets counter weight guide shoes are mounted on the bottom and top of the beam.

The guide shoes fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the well way of the building to prevent the car from deviating or swinging in operation.

Guide shoe installation requirements

The installation method of guide shoe is to put it on the installation position of the guide rail of the car frame. After finding the right position, use the bolt fix it on the car guide rail frame. The installation must meet the following requirements:

  1. When the upper and lower guide shoes are installed in the right position, they should be on the same vertical line. No slant or deflection is allowed. Both roller guide shoes and fixed guide shoes same requirement.
  2. Fixed guide shoes are mainly used for FOVF units, the clearance between the two sides should be consistent, and the clearance between the inner lining and the rail top should be within O. 5 ~ 2 mm

Guide shoe types

Elevator guide shoe consists of roll guide shoes and slide guide shoes

Roll guide shoes are 3 or 6 wheels stuck on the track and are generally used for elevators with a speed of more than 2 meters.

Features: to roll friction instead of sliding friction can reduce the friction loss and the vibration and noise of the running, so as to improve the passengers comfortable, but this guide shoe processing and installation requirements are higher.


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The fixed slide shoe is a slide way that is stuck to the guide rail and is usually used in an elevator with a speed of less than 2 meters

Features: died from a guide shoe head is fixed, and the structure is simple, without adjusting mechanism, as the elevator running time growth, guide shoes and guide rail fit clearance will be more and more bigger, in the operation of the capsules in shaking, can appear even shock.

Elastic slide guide shoes are also divided into spring sliding guide shoes (for elevators with rated speed less than 1.7 m/s) and rubber spring sliding guide boots (for medium-high speed elevators).