Why does the elevator have a overspeed governor?

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Elevator Overspeed governorElevator OverSpeed limiter is one of the safety control components of elevator safety protection system. When the elevator in running ,no matter what the speed governor in the car or the risk of falling or other situations of safety protection devices do not work, safety gear speed governor and linkage will start to work and make the elevator car stop running, to ensure the safety of the elevator.

  1. Installation location

The speed governor is generally located in the elevator machine room. According to the requirements of the installation plan, it is generally installed on the floor of the machine room. However the speed governor also can be directly installed on the bearing beam .The specific position of the speed governor is determined according to the construction drawing and the position of the car and guide rail after adjustment.

  1. Technical requirements
  2. We should pay attention to the speed governor wheel vertical degree of deviation should not be more than 0.5 mm, speed governor wire rope should be aligned with room reserved hole center, the error is not more than 0.5 mm, governor rope groove center and tension pulley rope groove center must be in the same vertical plane. The car will be two rope to the connecting hole, two connecting holes should be on the same vertical line after the connection completed.
  3. According to the requirements of the installation plan, the position deviation of the speed governor should not be greater than 3mm.
  4. The distance between the rope and the guide rail of the speed governor device should meet the requirements of the installation plan.
  5. The tension of the tension device on each branch of the rope shall not be less than 150N.
  6. Speed governor switch and tension wheel switch shall ensure that the control loop can be cut off quickly and reliably when the rope breaks off, falls off, the rope clamp is unhooked or the speed governor is in action.
  7. Notes
  8. The action direction of the speed governor should be consistent with the descending direction of the car to ensure the safety clamp works.
  9. The wire rope of speed governor shall not be rubbed or contacted with the clamping pliers during normal operation.
  10. The steel wire rope of speed governor shall not have any dead bend and a rope sleeve shall be installed at the connection with the cage pull rod and the rope head shall be firmly fastened with a rope clamp
  11. Restrictions

The speed governor must be starting to work before the car speed exceeds 115%.

1) For instantaneous safety gear, the speed governor of 0.80m/s (except roller type).

2) For roller type instantaneous safety gear, the speed governor of 1.0 m/s.

3) for safety gear with buffer effect and for progressive safety gear with rated speed governor not exceeding 1.0 m/s, 1.5 m/s.

4) for progressive security safety gear with rated speed governor over 1.0 m/s, the speed governor of 1.25 *v+ 0.25 /v.

The speed governor is a safety device, so the manufacturer should evaluate the product in accordance with appendix Fo4 of the en81-1/2 standard before it is released. If the assessment result is positive, a type certificate will be issued and must be attached to the equipment. The CE mark is displayed simultaneously on the device.