What are the factors influencing the elevator traction machine?

Elevator traction machine is the power of the elevator equipment, and call it is the host; the main function of the elevator traction machine is through the transmission and transmission power to keep normal operation of the elevator, what factors will affect the normal operation of the tractor when it is used? Refer to below:


  1. The balance coefficient. We know the capsules and traction is for heavy gravity jointly produced mainly by traction rope, acting on the rope tractive sheave groove keep capsules weight and the weight of the payload balance, make the normal operation of elevator, reduce some of the power consumption of transmission device.
  2. The influence of the equivalent friction coefficient” f “and the shape of the rope groove on the elevator traction machine are also relatively large, with different friction coefficients and varying degrees of influence.
  3. Traction rope tractive sheave on the angle of the traction steel wire rope groove of the contact arc, the size of the friction Angle, the greater the corresponding bigger, so that the elevator safety line will be as high.