The Monarch Service Tool Gets An idErr Code. How Can You Do That?

Good day, everyone!
Today, ElevatorVip will share an experience of how to solve error code about monarch service tool, which is ‘idErr’ displays on your screen of monarch service tool.

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Serval days before, one of customer said that he received parcel, but when he plugged in Monarch 3000+ drive there is showing ‘idErr’ code. He suddenly felt restless, then he asked us about how to solve the issue?

In that case, you should set parameter ‘F-9’, which the specific steps are setting the value of ‘F-9’ from ‘0’ to ‘1’ on the board at your jobsite, then use monarch service tool to set others, etc. For detailed solutions, please contact us, we will show you the video tutorial. Thank you!

By the way, here is a hyperlink of ordering monarch service tool in need:

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