How to install and adjust Elevator Roller Guide Shoe?

Notes for installation of roller guide shoe in following:


1) Inspect installation situation of the guide rail, if there are some positional deviation at the step of rail or rail gauge, which should be adjusted before working.


2) Inspect interval of safety gear whether meets in the range of standard requirements, the interval between 2 blocks should not less than 2-3mm.


3) The bayonet of safety gear should be aligned with jaws center of roller guide shoe, the interval is between top plate of two slots and top of guide rail must not less than 5mm.


4) The roller of guide shoe should be perpendicular to the surface of guide rail, and the middle roller should be aligned with top surface of guide rail.


5) The maximum pressure of roller guide shoe should not exceed 25kg, and the pressure on each roller should not exceed 12.5kg, if the pressure could not be adjusted, then the car should be done the static balance and dynamic balance.


6) The residual oil should be cleaned after finished installation of roller guide shoe if there has, make sure there is no any oil on the surface of guide rail.

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