What is the function of escalator apron board safety device?

The micro-switch of apron plate is a safety-protection micro-switch after the apron plate. When the escalator works normally, there is a certain gap between the apron board and the step. The single side is no more than 4mmand the sum of both sides is no more than 7mm. In order to guarantee the safety of the passengers, the apron board on the back of the pack of c-shaped steel, c-shaped steel distance setting switch, when foreign body into the apron board and the gaps between the cascade, apron plate deformation, c-shaped steel also move, after reaching a certain position, touch attack switch, then escalator stop running immediately.

The sensitivity of the device depends on the rigidity of the apron board. Too rigid apron plate is not easy to deform, cannot touch the micro switch, does not play a safe protection role; the rigidity is too small and the phenomenon of frequent parking will bring troubles to the normal operation of escalators. In addition, the micro switch is not generally set in the whole process, and it is only installed at the exit entrance of the escalator. Therefore, there are safety risks in the area other than the micro switch.


Filling device

A plastic and dry lubricant filled plate is arranged on both sides of the step and its shape matches the step. Fill plate by a spring or tie rod to keep its position and the entire range of the escalators and apron board contact, filled with escalators between apron board and cascade on both sides of the gap and its safety protective effect is obvious. The device, the filling plate contact with apron board is a kind of dry friction, easy to wear apron board Teflon coating and furnish the filler plate larger workload, so rarely used in our country.

Anti- clamping device

This is an economical and practical anti-clamping device, which compresses the rubber into a D section and fixes it to the apron board. Because the friction coefficient of rubber material is big, once the passenger meets the feeling that can be pulled again, can leave both ends of the step automatically, have safe protection effect.

For escalators with such clamping devices, rubber strips should not have sharp edges and should be checked frequently, as they can also bring danger to passengers if they leave apron boards.

Safety brush clamping device

Installed on the apron board safety brush, brush the clamp device is composed of base and brush, base without sharp edges, and can easily remove brush is soft and has a certain hardness, it does not hurt the clothing, meet the brush in the passengers’ shoes automatically after recovery.

The safety protection effect of safety brush anti-clamp device is obvious.

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