Installation method of Escalator Safety Brush

The escalator brush is also known as apron plate clamping device. It is fixed in the escalator handrail wall and class clearance above the dust, anti – clipping brush combination. There is a certain gap between steps and step with apron board, Generally the gap will not be greater than 4 mm, but in such a small gap also can make clothes or the child’s fingers, shoes divided into the damage, so install security brush for each escalator equipment is necessary.

The escalator shall be fitted with the following apron plate clamping device:

1) It is composed of rigid and flexible parts (such as brushes and rubber profiles);

2) The protrusion from the vertical surface of apron plate should be at least 33mm and at most 50mm;

3) Apply 900N force in the rigid component protrusion area, which is perpendicular to the joint line of the rigid component and uniformly ACTS on a rectangular area of 6cm square, and should not generate disengagement and permanent deformation;

4) The rigid parts shall be protruded from 18mm to 25mm horizontally and have the specified strength. The horizontal protrusion of flexible parts shall be minimum 15mm and maximum 30mm.

5) in the inclined section, the vertical distance between the bottom edge of the rigid part of the apron plate clamping device and the front edge of the step should be between 25mm and 30mm;

6) In the transition section and horizontal section.

7) Under the surface of rigid components should and apron board form up no less than 25 ° slope Angle, the surface should be on the downward to the apron board not less than 25 ° slope Angle;

8) The edge of apron plate anti-clamping device should be chamfered, and the fasteners and connectors should not be protruded into the operating area;

9) The end part of the apron plate clamping device should be gradually reduced and smoothly connected with the apron plate. The end point of apron plate anti-clamping device should be at the position of no less than 50mm and maximum 150mm before the intersecting line between the comb tooth and the tread (side of the step)

Installation method of Escalator Safety Brush

The installation of brush must pay attention to the following matters:

  1. The power supply must be cut off before installing or replacing the brush device;
  2. The installer must take good personal safety protection measures;
  3. Before test the running of the escalator, it is necessary to check whether there are tools missing in the escalator.


Installation brush steps:

  1. Set aside the space required for installing the brush, position according to the standard size, drill with electric drill, and M4 thread tapping teeth;
  2. Insert and cross groove countersunk head screw;
  3. Use plum screwdriver to fix the brush holder;
  4. Connect the brush section by section;
  5. Insert the brush into the bracket;
  6. After installing the brush and bracket, install 4 terminal heads in the top and tail parts and complete the installation work.


What should be paid attention to brush cleaning

  1. Never wash with reverse hair.
  2. After cleaning, gently press with finger with tissue or cotton pad, let water ejection, but remember not to lay the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles, also can make the structure of the brush is loose, and lead to hair removal.
  3. After cleaning, the brush can be hung up to let the brush dry face down.
  4. It should be air-dried naturally. You should not dry it with a hair dryer, and you should not dry it in the sun.
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