Technical conditions for main parts scrapping of elevators

  1. Three core components , the host, door machine, control drive system (that is, the panel in the control cabinet and converter) steel wire rope, long service life and can reduce maintenance costs, speed limiter, buffers, safety gear, the three is the most key components in the elevator safety, more than four pieces can consider to import
  2. Four Spaces: part of the machine room, well road and pit, car part, floor part.
    Eight systems: traction system, guide system, cage, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system.
  3. Eight application technologies:

  • Full digital identification of passenger technology (all passengers are identified before entering the elevator, including eye recognition and fingerprint identification)
  • Digital intelligent security control technology (through passenger identification system or IC card and digital monitoring equipment, refusing to enter)
  • The fourth generation of no machine room elevator technology (the host must be separated from the guide rail and the cage, with no resonance at all, the speed can reach up to 2.0M/S, and the maximum can be used above 30 stories.)
  • Two-way safety protection technology (bidirectional safety clamp, two-way speed limiter, must be used in Europe, China is widely used)
  • Quick installation technology (change the previous elevator installation method, which can be assembled quickly)
  • Energy-saving technology (adopting energy-saving technology to make elevators more energy efficient)
  • Digital monitoring technology (complete use of computer for elevator monitoring and control)
  • Wireless remote control and alarm device, when the elevator failure, the elevator can be the fault information is sent via wireless devices to mobile phones, and through the mobile phone signal to control the simple elevator)
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