The classification of elevator door operator

Elevator door operator, which is a responsible for the elevator hall car door opening and closing institution, when the elevator opened, closed signal, the elevator door operator through the built-in control system control to open the door motor, the motor torque into a certain direction of force, close or open the door. When the closing force of the door is greater than 150N, the door operator will automatically stop closing the door and reverse open the door to play a certain degree of closing protection.

The technology of door operator has experienced the development of mechanical door operator, frequency conversion door operator and permanent magnet synchronous door operator.

Frequency conversion operator

Ac asynchronous frequency conversion door operator is usually referred to as frequency conversion door operator for short. There are two kinds of motion control modes of elevator: speed switch control mode and encoder control mode. “Speed switch control method cannot detect the movement direction of the car door, position and speed, can only use position and speed open-loop control, lead to relatively poor control accuracy and the smoothness of movement process of the crane is not so good, so use more” encoder control mode “.

The classification of elevator door operator

Permanent magnet synchronous door operator

Compared with the frequency converter, the PMSM upgrades the ac asynchronous motor to the PMSM. Permanent magnet is a way of motor excitation; frequency conversion is the control way of motor speed change. That is to say, the frequency conversion door operator emphasizes that the control part of the door operator is the frequency conversion control, while the permanent magnet synchronous door operator emphasizes that the door operator motor is the permanent magnet motor. Variable frequency technology and permanent magnet synchronous technology are complementary.

DO3000 door operator system

Operating temperature range: – 40 ℃ to 80 ℃, mechanical and electrical overload capacity by 150%. Synchronous and asynchronous tool selection function, power off and slow closing function, overvoltage short circuit protection function.

A) Input voltage: AC220V+/-20%

B) Frequency converter:

Rated frequency: 50/60 HZ

Rated current: 2.5a

Maximum current: 5.0a

Output voltage: 0-220av

Output frequency: 0-50HZ

C) Motor:

Rated voltage: ac100/125v

Rated current: 0.73a / 1.2a

Rated speed: 180R/MIN

Rated rotation: 2.3/5.2N.M

Rated power: 43.5/94.3w

D) Encoder:

Adopt the contactless, high resolution and rotating position encoder resolution within 360 degree range: 12 bit absolute value output. Output interface: synchronous serial interface (SSI)

Working temperature: – 40 ℃ to 125 ℃

The classification of elevator door operator DO3000 door operator system

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