Elevator safety part – Door Cam

There is an important part in elevator equipment called elevator door cam, which can improve the safety coefficient of elevator door, effectively guarantee the safety of passenger and passenger, flexible response and effective operation. It is one of the important elevator safety parts.


Elevator door cam function: Elevator door cam is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the car door of elevator hall. When it receives the signal of elevator opening and closing, the elevator door machine controls the door motor through its own control system, turning the torque generated by the motor into a force in a specific direction, and closing or opening the door. When the closing force of the door is greater than 150N, the door machine will automatically stop closing the door and reverse open the door to play a certain degree of closing protection.

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Elevator door cam working principle: The two ends of the traction rope are respectively connected to the car and the weight, and are wrapped around the traction wheel and the guide wheel. The traction motor drives the traction wheel to rotate after the speed change of the reducer. The guide boots fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the well way of the building to prevent the car from deviating or swinging in operation. The normally closed block brake loosens the brake when the motor works, makes the elevator run, braking when the power is lost, makes the car stop lifting, and maintains its static state on the designated floor station for people and goods to enter and leave. The car is a box body part that carries passengers or other loads. It can be reused to balance the load of the car and reduce the power of the motor. The compensation device is used to compensate the change of tension and weight in the motion of the traction rope so that the load of the traction motor is stable and the car can dock accurately. The electrical system controls the movement of the elevator and at the same time completes the work of layer selection, flat layer, speed measurement and lighting. Indicates call system will display the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor at any time. The safety device ensures the safety of the elevator.


Elevator door cam size:

The net opening size of 630kg elevator is:  800*2100;

The net opening size of 800kg elevator is:  800*2100;

Load weight less than1000KG, standard opening size: 800*2100;

Load weight =1000KG, standard opening size: 900*2100;

Load weight between 1100KG~1600KG, standard opening size: 1100*2100

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